Professional Waterproofing in Geelong

Waterproofing holds utmost significance in the tiling procedure, particularly when dealing with interior wet areas like bathrooms and laundries. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and licensed waterproofers who possess the necessary expertise to meticulously prepare your wet areas. We adhere rigorously to the Australian Standards, ensuring that all aspects of our work meet the highest quality benchmarks. Moreover, we exclusively utilize top-notch products known for their durability, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

Tiling Waterproofing Geelong

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Reliable Waterproofing for Moisture-free and Leak-proof Tiles

When it comes to protecting your property from water damage, it’s important to trust the experts in waterproofing. AWF Tiling Solutions have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to identify potential risks and provide effective solutions.

Waterproofing Geelong


Thinking about waterproofing your Geelong property? We get it, you have questions! Let’s clear them up for you:

Does my property need waterproofing?

Keep an eye out for signs like water stains, a sense of dampness, or a musty smell in your property. These might indicate a need for waterproofing. It’s a good idea to bring in a Geelong waterproofing expert to inspect and identify any potential issues, and suggest the right fix.

Does waterproofing stand the test of time?

A well-done waterproofing job, using quality materials and suitable solutions, should serve you for a good many years. The exact lifespan will be influenced by the conditions your property faces.

Is it a good idea to waterproof my property on my own?

You’ll find DIY waterproofing products out there, but remember, waterproofing isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a technical job requiring skill and special equipment. To ensure the job is done right, it’s smarter to bring in a Geelong professional waterproofing company.

What are the usual culprits of water damage?

Water damage can be a result of various issues – leaks in the roof, problematic plumbing, floods, or even intense rainfall. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help spot potential troublemakers and avoid water damage.